About Nowell Berg

As with all good characters in a script or novel, the hero is flawed and the villain has a streak of kindness. Each of us is not simply hero or villain. Like the characters we identify with, we are not all good nor all bad but a combination, a mixture, a blend.


Life is interwoven with numerous personal historical strands created by decisions made in the past. Some decisions we make, some are made for us. Some decisions are made with conscious reflection and thought; many are made with haste, lust, greed and fear in our heart.

The decision I made in first year university too spend more time DJing at the campus radio station instead of attending classes created an historical strand in my life. It contributed significantly to where I am today. It still plays a role in how I live my life.

Some strands climax and fade away. Others reach a mid-point in their cycle. At each stage a turning point that once crossed propels one into new directions. The future stretches out like a junction from which several routes are possible.

Now into my sixth decade, these next years are dedicated to writing, making films, helping family and the community. Travel here and there. Practice scuba diving, photography and loving life. Having fun.