Area E Election – Close Finish

Travels on the Campaign Trail

by Nowell Berg

The local government elections in Area E are now complete.

Only 34% of eligible voters completed a ballot on voting day.

Table One shows the breakdown of the 496 votes cast in Area E from two advanced polls, mail-in and two voting locations on election day, Oct 20th.

Table One

   N. Berg          J. Walkley          J. Walter          Total

Advance 1                      42                     9                    13                64

Advance 2                      32                     7                    45                84

Wasa                               65                    37                   55               157

Meadowbrook               46                    32                  107             185

Mail-in                               2                      0                      4                  6

Total                             187                     85                 224              496

Percentage                  38%                  17%                45%

The incumbent, Jane Walter, won re-election for another four year term. Congratulations.

Fifty-five percent (55%) of votes cast were not for Walter. Her share of the vote dropped from 66% in 2011 to 45% this time.

The campaign began September 24th. During the following weeks, I knocked on over 320 doors and traveled over 560km to reach those doors.

I spent time in all regions of Area E – St. Mary Lake, Wycliffe, Meadowbrook, Ta Ta Creek, Skookumchuck Prairie, Premier Lake and Wasa – listening to residents.

I met a wide range of fascinating people raising families, enjoying retirement, working at various jobs along with running businesses, ranches and farms. Everyone spoke candidly about various concerns for Area E which they only want to see thrive, prosper and remain as beautiful as it is.

Over the next several months, I’ll be profiling many of these people and the unique business and career activities they have chosen to undertake here in Area E.

Democracy is an excellent way to govern, but its only as good as the voters who show up and cast a ballot.

The success and effectiveness of local government is only as strong as the input it receives from citizens. If that input is not respected nor accepted by local government, then they are not legitimate and become autocratic.