Election Forum

The Meadowbrook Community Association (MCA) held an all candidates forum held Oct 3 at the Elks Hall in Kimberley. Moderator-Jim Webster; Timer-Marie Kohlman

Almost 50 people participated in the forum that was live streamed on the MCA Facebook page.

Forum moderator Jim Webster sets the stage

Candidates presented opening remarks and then answered questions from the MCA Board and the audience. Questions covered topics such as highways, RDEK procedures, land use, water supply and residential fire protection.

Candidate Berg answers a question on RDEK proceedures

Here are the prepared remarks I made to the audience.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for participating tonight.

I’m Nowell Berg. I’m a candidate for Area E Director.

The rural mountain lifestyle is one to behold and embrace. As you know, its much different than living in Cranbrook or Kimberley.

Waking up this morning, looking out at Tee Pee Mtn … all that fresh snow really took my breath away.

The near freezing temperatures didn’t help, but seasons change and we’re used to that.

Our little corner of the world is truly a special place to live and work, raise a family or grow a business.

The reason why I am a candidate in this election?

I want to give you a chance to vote, to have a choice in who represents you on the RDEK Board.

I’m qualified to be Director of Area E because I live here year round.

I participate in the community and fund raising events.

I understand what it means to live in a rural area.

It means we depend on each other. We roll up our sleeves and help those in need.

Wanda and I have a neighbour across the road who’s in poor health and uses wood heat This past spring, I noticed his wood pile getting low. We headed out … felled 4 trees, bucked them up and hauled them back to his place. He and I have been doing that a couple times per month … when he’s well enough to get into the bush.

Spending a few hours out there working with your hands, breaking a sweat, its a tonic in and of itself.

Remember two winters ago when we had so much snow, especially in Feb, 2 feet in a week. You know what it was like, we were buried, deep.

Instead of waiting who knows how long for a snowplow, I helped out several neighbours. One, a 92-year old widow who’s driveway was completely blocked. I went over with the snow blower and cleared it out so she could get to town for a medical appointment.

My campaign for Area E Director is about:


The success and effectiveness of local government can only be as strong as the input from you.

If elected, I will send you accurate and quality information about District plans and intentions for land use and zoning, new bylaws or changes to existing ones … along with new business applications and any intention to change business regulations.

This will happen before the Board makes any decision so that you have the chance to understand what may or may not happen. Then you can provide me with a response, positive or negative. I encourage both.

I will communicate directly with you to gather your input, your solutions and your ideas on how RDEK activities impact you, your family, your property, your business and the community.

There are no bad ideas or wrong solutions … except the ones that are never heard.

Area E is unique. It contains diverse rural communities each with there own issues and concerns that need to be heard and delivered to the District Board.

I am very excited about starting a different way of making local government work for you … by applying new ways of communication, understanding your position on local issues and Regional District plans … and making them heard.

I will be an effective representative and strong advocate for you.

This campaign is about communication.

Let me say it again, the success and effectiveness of local government can only be as strong as the input from you.

If you want a new way for local government to work … for your voice to be heard … then I need your vote.

On Oct 20th please mark an X beside my name.

I’m Nowell Berg.

I want to be your Area E Director.


After the forum, I got a chance to meet area residents.

Talking with a Meadowbrook resident about her concerns