Kite Hydrofoil Whiz

Richard Zurrin grew up in Thompson, Manitoba, never thinking he’d be soaring with the birds at Wasa Lake. He moved to Cranbrook in 1991 and currently works as a forestry consultant.

Five years ago, after his brothers took up kite boarding, Zurrin chose a kite hydrofoil board which has an extension on the bottom that allows for faster speeds and higher jumps.

His personal highest jump has been 38 feet.

The hydrofoil board has a built in sensor that records the distance off the waters surface. The hydrofoil reduces the effect of choppy and rough water conditions.

Now Zurrin “follows the wind [where he can] get on the water, ocean and lakes, and see it from a different perspective.”

Another reason to chase the wind, Zurrin gets to kite hydrofoil in “some beautiful places in the world” including Cuba, Mexico and Oregon.

One of the great things about kite hydrofoil riding is the “sense of freedom” the sport gives him, and the “good community” of riders he’s met from around the world.

Zurrin will continue to follow the wind around the world.