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Praise for Lady's Leg

Blair Russel:

"An exhilarating read. The setting of the novel drew me in, specifically the tree planting community and unfolding action in the Kootenay region of the Rocky Mountains.

A sense of tension was evident from the beginning and didn't let up.

The contrast between the first meeting involving Sofee and Hugh Bryce at the awards night and their final struggle on the mountain was pretty dramatic.

I really liked the natural, environmental setting. Good descriptive passages put the reader in the middle of mountain high country. I liked the attention to detail particularly the specifics of tree planting and the set up of the work camps.

I thought the episodes involving the mother grizzly and later the male black bear were particularly good. Went back and re-read them a couple of times.

The writing style is distinctive and captures the reader. All the characters were well defined and believable.

I'll recommend to others."

Nichola Lytle:

"I was excited yet skeptical picking up "Lady's Leg" having admired this lone patch of snow every summer for years and hearing it was about the forest, treasure & tragedy. I was curious, yet cautious because I’m not easily convinced. But! Right from the start I loved this book. I was startled but totally intrigued by the author's bold juxtaposition of poetic scenic lament against cheap thrills trash talk, seeing nature fight nurture, peace battle violence. While the book's characters push up against each other, the mountains and epic possibilities, I kept asking myself page by page can he really pull this off? Why am I believing this? But returning to the valley this summer and looking up at Lady's Leg I feel like this book has become part of her legacy.

I loved this book! It has mature subject matter mixed with poetry and violence. A beautiful, brave and epic story.

I loved the author's ability to blurr the lines believably between the "gritty" and the "fantastical." It still sits with my thoughts. The metaphor for environmental urgency, the need to maintain the sanctity of our natural world is potent."

Rob Kisinger:  

“A great read. A gripping tale about an ancient mystery involving aboriginal, environmental and corporate conflict, set in beautiful East Kootenay.”

Richard Vienneau:

"You got Cory's Grandma into trouble. She really liked your book, so much so that two nights in a row she stayed up until 3 AM in the morning reading it.  Cory's Mom lives across the street and saw the light on and gave her heck for not going to bed at a reasonable time. So yeah, she really liked it and could not put it down until it was finished! Her one critical feedback was that she could do without the curse words. She said "old people don't like swearing, damn would be good enough". She did admit that most of the books she reads lately are the same. Anyway, another great review.  Congratulations on writing a book that nobody wants to put down until it is finished.  I think that is a phenomenal accomplishment!"

Brian Woodward:

"Reading this book was more like watching a movie. The story unfolded smoothly, scene by crafted scene, to a vivid climax - unpredictable, dramatic and righteous.”

Murray Lytle:

"I enjoyed your book and it was enough of a page turner that I stayed up quite late to find out how it all ended!  I found the language and sexual hints an annoying distraction but that is me. The character development and storytelling were captivating I thought. Well done!"