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Nowell Berg

A communications professional who spent too much time in the corporate trenches back in the day when flex-time and remote work meant standing in line at the unemployment office. I make my home in a cedar log cabin next to a kettle pond nestled in the forest green slopes along the western edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Since 2013, I’ve focused on writing fiction.


Lady's Leg - (2022)  An eco-adventure with a dash of magic realism.

Dog Squad (DSQ K-9) (2019) Squad leader dies in ambush, K-9 squad seeks revenge.

Lost Souls (2017) A love story with a twist and dark ending.

Jet Girrl & Mr. Bizzaro: Surviving Natural Disaster (2014) (60 colour illustrations) post-flood small town survival.

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Dog Squad (DSQ K-9) (2000 & 2011) Watch Video.

Lost Souls (2005)

Anytime Boys (2001)

Fall From Grace (1997)


The AnyTime Boys (2003) Writer/Director/Producer [short drama] Watch Video.

Personal Comments (1993) Writer/Director/Producer [experimental short, 16mm] Watch Video.

Bodies and Pleasures (1988) Writer/Producer [experimental short, 16mm]

Passion for Philanthropy (1984) Writer/Producer [experimental short, 16mm]


Past 5-years, a writer for E-know online news covering Kimberley City Council meetings. Visit Site.

No Empire, No War, No Nukes (2022) – Kimberley Spoken Word Fest

The Ponderosa: A Wasa Story (2020) Life of a 170-year old Ponderosa pine tree.

Histories Historian: The Story of Naomi Miller (2017)

Political Consequences of Generational Change In Canada: Scenarios of the Future (MA Thesis-1986)

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