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Lady's Leg


Sofee Nemein desperately wants to confront her father, Hugh Bryce, who knows nothing of her existence, but her fear, and the father’s arrogance get in the way. To reach her goal, Sofee and eco-warrior Artemis plan to stop Hugh’s quest for gold and jade, but initially fail when they are betrayed by JD Galbraith, a rookie tree planter Bryce inserts into the crew to act as his spy. Hugh lusts for the hidden treasure, an ancient artifact. Sofee uses her untapped strength gained from Artemis’s training to rise against Bryce forcing him to confront his past. Overwhelmed, Sofee and a redemptive JD use every fibre of their being to try and keep Bryce from securing the artifact.


First edition, paperback, 320 pages
Only 45 of the original 100 books still available
Each book numbered, stamped and autographed
A rare collectible one-of-a-kind book

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